#1 Website Care Agency. We provide all the Website Care Services you need. Our Website Care Plans include

  • Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Support

We can also do all your Blog Post Writing and On-page SEO.

We help you get your business “DISCOVERED” and Generate Leads!

Unlike most of our competitors, WP Site Team does NOT just DESIGN you a great website and send you on your merry way.


WP Site Team knows that your website needs a great HOSTING Service to serve your website up to your visitors.


We know that your website will need regular MAINTENANCE to keep it running great month-to-month, day-to-day, and even hour-to-hour.


WP Site Team knows that your website needs SECURITY. There are tens of thousands of hackers around the world looking for websites to “hack”.


We know that your website needs SUPPORT because your website needs to change as your business changes.


Each of our Website Design packages requires a matched package of our Webcare Service Plans that include your HOSTING, MAINTENANCE, SECURITY, and SUPPORT.













Sometimes you need some special one-off work done on your WordPress Business Website. We can help with that. Click the link below, and we will contact you to discuss your needs and give you a quote.


(1-Hour Minimum)



Great Question!

Today, over 39.55% of the internet is powered by WordPress.

Suppose you consider only websites that use a Content Management System (CMS – a database system used to store and manage images, text, etcetera).

WordPress Leads

In that case, 60% of all websites worldwide are powered by WordPress

We make it easy for you to tell if your website is built on “WordPress.”

Use the “Is My Website Run on WordPress?” button below the FAQ Section and share your website domain name (URL) with us. We’ll get right back to you and tell you if your current website is built on top of WordPress and give you a No-Obligation 100% FREE Report on Your Website Performance.

“Website Design” is the work related to the Actual “Look, Feel, and Function” of your website.

For example:

  • Overall Look
  • The Color Scheme
  • Fonts & Font Sizes
  • Buttons & Functions
  • Responsive Design
  • Full-Custom or  Theme-based

All of these items fall under “Website Design.”

Website “Hosting” is the act of storing and delivering your website information to your website visitors browsers around the world.

When you open the web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) and type in a web address (referred to as the “Domain Name” or “URL”), computers know as “Servers” read that web address and open up the content stored on another computer (called a “Web Server”) and displays it in your browser. The companies that own these “Web Servers” are known as “Hosting” companies. Their service is referred to as “Hosting.”

Every website needs a Web Server to “Host” (store and deliver) their website content to their visitors.

Therefore, every website needs the services of a Hosting company.

At IdeaToGrowth, we use a Hosting company to “Host” the websites of our Clients. We will only build, maintain, secure and support our client’s websites through the Hosting company we use.

Why Do We Manage Website Hosting?

Because we spend a lot of effort choosing the Hosting company to run our client’s websites, when something needs to be done, we need to know that we can get remote access to the webserver quickly and reliably keep our client’s websites operating at optimum levels.

If we allowed our clients to tell us which hosting company to use, and something went wrong with their website due to an issue at their hosting company, who are they going to blame? Us or the hosting company.

Yep us – and we don’t ever want that to happen. We want to keep our clients happy!

All of these items fall under “Website Hosting.”

Do I need Website Maintenance is one of the most frequently asked questions?

“Website Maintenance” is the work related to keeping your website running as good (or better) than on the first day you launched it.

Every day that goes by, developers find “better ways to code” websites. “Bugs” to be fixed in their code.

The WordPress Core gets updated.

Plugins get updated.

Google, Safari, Explorer update their browser and change something in their code.

Suddenly something on your website quits working or visually “looks weird,” and your web developer needs to go in and change your website to get everything working right.

All of these things fall under what we call “Website Maintenance.”

What Happen with No Maintenance?

What happens if you don’t have regular maintenance on your website? Nothing good. Your website “breaks,” and now your clients don’t see what you want them to see on your website. A broken website gives the impression of a “broken business.” You know what we mean.

Do you want to go visit a business whose website looks “broken”? That business seems like they don’t care about their website. Maybe they won’t care much about their customers either?

“Website Security” is the work related to keeping your website and its data safe and hidden from those who should not be able to see it.

Every day that goes by, evil people and governments around the world (referred to as “Black Hats”) spend endless hours trying to break into (referred to as “Hacking”) websites, including yours, around the world.

We’ve all heard about the very public breaking of Target, Facebook, and too many others to list here.

To protect your website, you need a small army of highly skilled professionals (referred to as “White Hats”) to protect your website.

We Are Your Army!

Now to get you your “army” of “White Hats” to protect your website at a cost you can afford.

We’ve combined the skills of our team’s knowledge of knowing how to lock down and protect the web servers that store your website files.

We use a set of best-in-class WordPress Plugins to create the most impregnable security wall we know how to build.

Our skills and these Security Plugins combine putting the proper access permissions on all the files on your website, creating layers of firewalls directly on the hardware servers, and a software firewall on the multiple instances of your website that we put o servers around the world to provide super-fast page loads for your website visitors.

All of these things fall under what we call “Website Security.”

What happens if you don’t have best-in-class security on your website? Nothing good.

Your website “gets hacked,” and now both your confidential information and your clients are in the hands of criminals.

Guess what?

You may not even know for weeks or months that your website has been hacked!

Do you know how most websites find out they have been hacked?

They start getting emails and calls from their customers telling you that they’re suddenly getting a bunch of email spam – or worse – if you have an eCommerce Website, they’re asking you if you shared their credit card with anyone because of a bunch of unauthorized charges showed up.

They had to have a new card issued and the old one canceled.

You suddenly have to hire a very experienced “White Hat” developer to check out your website, verify if you’ve been hacked, then fix it.

The Cost

It can cost thousands of dollars, and the entire time you’re not selling online!

On top of that, you could face lawsuits from credit card companies or your clients. Now you have legal costs too. Yikes!

Now no one can promise you that a website can’t be hacked. We can’t and are not promising that either.

But most websites that are hacked were gotten into for very simple to close open holes in the security of their website.

We do our best to ensure that none of the open holes that most Black Hat Hackers use to break into websites are available to them.

Most Black Hat Hackers look for the “Easy Break-ins.” Every minute of every day, we can see the Black Hat Hackers probing our client’s website. They find all the doors securely locked. They move on, looking for another website that is not as secure.

That how criminals work.

“Website Support” is the work related to keeping your website and its data up to date and current.

For example, you may:

  • Change your business address.
  • Add or delete products.
  • Make changes to the About Us section.
  • Add or update a Product or Service image.

Each of these represents a “Website Support” Maintenance Request. Our team takes each request, reviews it, schedules it, implements it, verifies it, launches it, and informs you of completing the task.

Yep, this is one of our many Business Processes that you’ll read about often here. We do our best to “Do it Right the First Time.”

All of these items fall under “Website Support.”