Why Does My Website Need an SSL Certificate?

All web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) will flash a “WARNING MESSAGE” when a visitor lands on a website without an SSL Certificate.”

Most website visitors see WARNING MESSAGE next to the URL “Instantly” tap the back button to be safe.

This means that very few visitors are going to read your content, and you can not sell any product or service “Online.”

OK, So How Do I Get One and What Will It Cost?

My competitors charge $99 and higher “per year.” 

But I can make you a Better Offer!

If your website does not have an SSL CERTIFICATE, I will put one on your website “FOR FREE!”

Yep, 100% FREE!

If my competitors charge $99 and higher per year, why am I offering one for FREE?

Simple. It’s one of my methods of marketing my business.

If you need an SSL Certificate, you likely need other Digital Marketing Agency Services.

By giving you a 100% FREE SSL CERTIFICATE, I get an opportunity for you to experience our Customer Service and give you a reason to check out our other services.

We proudly install the Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS Certificate on your website. Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS Certificates have been installed on over 240 million websites.

Let’s Encrypt is a global Certificate Authority (CA). They let people and organizations around the world obtain, renew, and manage SSL/TLS Certificates. Websites can use their certificates to enable secure HTTPS connections.

Let’s Encrypt offers Domain Validation (DV) certificates used by virtually every business website.

NO HARD SELL. You never have to buy anything from us. All I ask is that you agree to allow me to send you an email from time to time that covers topics related to our Digital Marketing Services.

Most of our emails will be related to our Blog Posts heavily focus on things you can do yourself to help build your business. In fact, the “Helping You Build Your Business Stronger!” phrase is our motto.

Are you ready to buy? I need to know:

  • who hosts your website
  • the sign-in username
  • and the password

I have one last question? Why haven’t you clicked the “Buy For $0.00 Now button already?