Logo Design

Good & Poor Logo Design

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A lot of websites/companies use their own logo’s to define who they are. For example, Facebook, it’s logo is a white f inside a blue box. When you have multiple tabs open, you can clearly see which tab is facebooks. However, a lot of websites use their own company name on their logo, this makes it very hard to fit into a tab’s picture.

Here is an example. You can clearly tell which tab is hulu and which tab is Netflix, even if you had 20+ tabs open and the names of the tabs weren’t visible, you’d still be able to locate their tab by simply looking for the red N for Netflix or the white h for hulu. Websites that use their current logo usually look small, or the image doesn’t look the same, or it’s pixelated. This makes it so that if I wanted to visit your site, i’d have to keep guessing which tab I have your website open in. Unless there is a clear indication to me which tab it is, I might give up and I will have to either look for something else, or use more of my time to find your website and the information that i had on that tab already opened. This might lead to bad reviews, or even a loss of a customer. So try to make a simple logo for your tab, this will make it easy to look for, and easy to come back too.