You fired up your website today, and when it opened, it didn’t look like it did yesterday. 

There may be a message on the screen demanding money where your homepage was yesterday. You may see a bunch of adware boxes that were not there before.

Your website has been hacked and you have Malware on your website! You Need Help Now!

Your website server has been hacked and taken over by a nefarious person. They’ve installed malware on your webserver.

Resist the urge to panic. Even though you may not be our customer yet, we can likely help you get your website back.


Malware removal is a flat fee of $499 and comes with a 1-year guarantee.

Contact us to get that malware off of your website today.



“Website Support” is the work related to keeping your website and its data up to date and current.

For example, you may:

  • Change your business address.
  • Add or delete products.
  • Make changes to the About Us section.
  • Add or update a Product or Service image.

Each of these represents a “Website Support” Maintenance Request. Our team takes each request, reviews it, schedules it, implements it, verifies it, launches it, and informs you of completing the task. Yep, this is one of our many Business Processes that you’ll read about often here. We do our best to “Do it Right the First Time.”

All of these items fall under “Website Support.”

We support all of our customers via email. Email is more cost-effective than phone or text.

It also allows us to document client questions and problems more efficiently to get responses and solutions more quickly. 

Each month you will get a Monthly Webcare Report of your website. We provide a wealth of information, including:

  • All Software Updates
  • Backups Made
  • Analytics
  • Security Status
  • Website Performance

This report is in PDF format. All monthly Webcare Reports are stored on our server, which you can access at any time.

Each month we will run a performance checkup on your website. 

During the month, plugins and other software components of your website will receive updates. Sometimes these updates can hurt your website page opening speed.

We run a check monthly to ensure that your website is running to its best possible performance metrics.

As time goes by, you will discover changes you want to make to your website.

The small changes may be due to clients’ feedback, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or even new products and services.

In each of our Webcare Plans, we budget time to make Small Website Changes. A Small Website Change is considered work items such as swapping images, adding a couple of photos, or changing text on existing pages. 

More extensive changes, such as adding new pages or new products, are handled via separate by-the-hour job quotes under our Other Service section.

It’s Easy!

Go to the navigation bar at the top, and under “Website Services,” select “Website Care Plan & Pricing.”